Success isn't made of half-baked ideas.

About Us

We energize ideas by helping companies clarify, simplify and amplify the messages they’re sharing so their idea has the best chance at making an impact. We help you quantify and verify your efforts so you know what’s working (and what’s not). And we continually modify our efforts all along so your idea is always growing, always adapting.

Ultimately, the IdeaDrenaline team is dedicated to helping direct sales companies clarify, simplify and amplify their big ideas and message. We always start with strategy, and then help you with the execution of that strategy as much or as little as you like.

Our Methodology

Clarify It

Every message is useless until it’s clear. We guide you through clarifying the audience and purpose of your marketing messages

Simplify It

Complex doesn’t work. We refine your message to its simplest essence so people get it… and get it quick!

Amplify It

We all want to shout our message from the rooftops.  But only the clear and simple ones carry. And boy, can they carry…

What People Are Saying

Our Blog

The Greatest Feature of Direct Sales

November 18, 2014No Comments

The greatest feature, advantage and benefit of any direct sales company is the direct seller. As a

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Remember Bob Dylan

May 31, 2014No Comments

I’m a guitar player. Granted, I used to play a lot more than I do now (kids’ll do that to you, ya

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