Strategic Marketing

The fundamental strength of the IdeaDrenaline team is its ability to apply strategic marketing principles specifically to direct sales companies. We’ve developed our entire methodology to conjure up big ideas for your big ideas.

In short, here’s what the IdeaDrenaline methodology is all about:

  1. Clarify It. 
    If your idea isn’t clear, then it’s worthless. We help not only clarify the idea itself, but also the specific audience who wants it most, and the message that will resonate with them best.
  2. Simplify It. 
    Once your message is clear, it’s imperative that we trim it down to its core, basic essence. Ideas that grow fast are incredibly simple.
  3. Amplify It. 
    Only after we have a clear and simple message can we shout it from the rooftops. We walk you through the most effective communication and promotional methods to give your idea the attention it deserves.
  4. Quantify It. 
    How will we know if we’ve succeed unless we add some measurable results to the process? No matter what the project is, we define measurable results that will make you happy.
  5. Verify It. 
    We set up systems and milestones to measure our progress. It’s so easy to overlook regular reporting, but that’s where the real opportunities are hiding.
  6. Modify It.
    Guess what: we’ll still not get it all right. But that’s OK. Since we’re verifying our work so thoroughly and so often, we can use the insights from that data to continually improve.

Let’s spend a day together and work through the IdeaDrenaline methodology. These sessions work great for new launches, new campaigns, new years or just a new era.